Vixen, the Coven's exotic and manipulative seductress, is Raven's second birthing.  Born Anastasia Vankov on October 27th 1992, she is the first of her pure Greek family blood line to be born in the United States.  Both of her parents are high profile real estate and business attorneys who provided their only child with a life of privilege, wealth and luxury.  Anastasia was always considered to be the Vankrov family's cherished princess, so she was always given anything and everything she has ever wanted without hesitation.  

Having grown up in a world of unlimited wealth, Anastasia became spoiled, materialistic and selfish.  Her innate exotic beauty only added to Anastasia's ego, considering herself a modern day Aphrodite, and worshipping the Greek goddess of love and lust.  Anastasia quickly realized that she can use her physical beauty and natural provocative lure to manipulate both men and women alike to turn every situation to her liking.  It didn't matter if what she wanted was at the expense of others, Anastasia saw to it that she received everything she wanted, whenever she wanted it from whomever had it.  She desired to be as worshipped and immortalized as the goddess Aphrodite herself, and for that reason, Anastasia decided she wanted a career in modeling and acting, and quickly started to use her seduction and her parent's wealth and influence to became a celebrity.  

Anastasia lived her entire life doing everything she wanted without a single care in the world, with the exception of her one true fear.  Anastasia feared growing old, and subsequently losing her beauty.  At only 21 years old and many years away from having to deal with aging, even the thought of having a wrinkle ruin her perfect complexion became devastating to her.  Anastasia's fear grew so great, that she swore that she will do anything within her parent's power and wealth to remain young and beautiful forever.  

So when Raven approached her with the opportunity to forever preserve her beauty the way it is now, Anastasia was ready to accept any deal Raven presented to her.  That night, with Sapphyre standing guard, Raven turned Anastasia into a vampire.  With her new found blood lust, Anastasia slaughtered and feed off of all of her maids, butlers and chefs.  She ended her murderous rage with the death of her own parents draining their blood, since she no longer had any use for them anymore.  It is that night that Anastasia became Vixen.  

Now, Vixen feeds to preserve her eternal beauty, preying only on the blood of the young and beautiful.  With the sensual lure of the vampire only enhancing her own innate sexuality, Vixen has become truly irresistible.  With the death of her parents, Vixen inherited all of their wealth, businesses and properties, which she uses to house Raven and her Coven and help them succeed in the goal of turning the vampire race into the the most dominant species on Earth.  

Now more than ever, Vixen believes herself to not only be the physical embodiment of Aphrodite, but to have replaced her as the new goddess of love and lust.  With eternal beauty, unlimited money, and a vampire's captivating lure, Vixen truly has everything she has ever wanted in her life, and only seeks to use her clever game of seduction to forever remain that way.