Virgil Kane was born in Detriot, Michigan on March 16, 1980. His parents gave him up for adoption at birth, and he spent several years of his young life living in and out of foster homes.  Having no real parents or stability, Virgil was always a very difficult child to deal with. Even as a baby, Virgil would incessantly cry and lash out at anyone who would try to get close. As he grew older, Virgil will disobey the authority of his revolving door of foster parents, sometimes even lashing out violenty by hitting them or breaking their belongings. Even within the foster home, Virgil would outcast himself away from and violently attack the other orphans.  Despite their best efforts to civilize him, Virgil grew more violent, hateful and unreasonable, and it soon became impossible for him to be adopted into any family.

He was disbanded from the orphanage when he turned 18, and with no college education, he was sent to work for a meat processing plant. Being around the smell and feel of meat enticed him, and he found himself for the first time feeling comfortable in his surroundings. This comfort would eventually grew into an obsession, as he started to learn about various different kinds of meat as well as how to cut and cook it. Sliding a blade through a slab of meat provided him with a sick outlet to unleash his fury, and he took his obsession from the workplace and into the home. He started to attack stray animals, cutting their meat from the bone and
studying their anatomy, even cooking and eating the meat when he saw fit. It didn't take long for Virgil to attack and kill his first human victim, a young woman who he pulled off the street one night while she was coming home late. Virgil enjoyed her screams, cutting the knife deeper into her flesh for a greater thril.

Several victims later, and Virgil became know as a local serial killer. Virgil's lack of covering his tracks made it easy for him to be arrested. Feeling no remorse, he confessed to all of the murders he commited, going as far as to tell the police that he will continue to kill, for no other reason than the happiness he receives when cutting into flesh. While receiving a psyche evaluation, Virgil managed to escape the precinct, and started running from the police. Eventually crossing state borders and leaving his home town for good.

With no clear destination, Virgil continued to run from the police, but still leaving a trails of murder in his tracks. He couldn't and didn't want to stop cutting into flesh, even though he was on the run. While in hiding, one his his targets actually fought back against him, scratching Virgil on his arm during a full moon. Virgil didn't know this at the time, but the woman he tried to kill that night was a werewolf, and now that he has been scratched, he too will soon become one as well.

When the change finally occurred on the next full moon, Virgil found his humanity rapidly slipping away and becoming what he always believed he was, an animal. The bloodthirst and the savagery seduced him, and his killing spree increased tenfold, even going as far as to cannbalize his victims after killing them.

Virgil would eventually bring his killing spree to New York, where he would run into Lyca and Grey. Finding an immediate kinship amongst themselves, it didn't take long for Lyca, Grey and Virgil to join together to start a pack. For Virgil, this is an opportunity to understand what he actually is from the two pure blood Lycans. The three would eventually be joined by a spunky werewolf firecracker by the name of Pheobe, thus completing a powerful pack of werewolves that would conquer New York.

Although still an unpredicatable and ruthless savage, Virgil now kills not just for pleasure, but for the code of the Lycan and the honor and protection of his pack.