Sapphyre, the Coven's aggressive and domineering warrior, is Raven's first birthing.  Born Priscilla Sanchez in the Bronx on April 5th 1985, she was the only child of Rodrigo, a respected and successful insurance salesman, and Maria, a stay home mom.

In public, Rodrigo is a charming and intelligent man, but behind closed doors, he abused and enslaved his wife and young daughter.  Maria and Priscilla spent years living in fear of Rodrigo with Maria sacrificing her whole life to appease her husband's demeaning and over bearing requests.  Anytime Rodrigo felt Maria was out of line, he would mercilessly beat her as well as Priscilla as punishment.  He would constantly hold Priscilla's life over Maria's head, threatening to kill her if she were to ever tell a soul of his abuse.

At 7 years old, Priscilla finally reached out to a teacher about the domestic abuse she and her mother has lived with for many years.  Maria was divorced, Rodrigo was imprisoned, and Maria and Priscilla were finally free.  It was this moment that Priscilla made the decision that she will arm herself against any attacker and never be a victim again.  

Priscilla began to take self defense classes, which made her eager to learn any and all fighting styles.  As she grew up, Priscilla trained in martial arts, karate, wrestling and all forms for hand to hand and weapons combat.  She mastered these combat tactics over the next 10 years, along with an impressive knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body as well as its secrets to health, wellness and longevity.  Priscilla urged her mother to join her in strengthening herself, but Maria never recovered from the trauma of domestic abuse, eventually falling in love with another abusive man who would take her life.  The death of her mother and the realization that she couldn't do anything to protect her, angered Priscilla, turning her passion for defending herself into an insatiable craving for strength, knowledge and incomparable power.  Her emotions turned her into an overly aggressive, ruthlessly blunt and power hungry woman, wanting nothing more than to dominate everyone in her path.

10 years later, and Priscilla has trained herself to become a lethal weapon.  Every morning, she works as a physical therapist and personal trainer, and by night, she is a cage fighter under the name of Sapphyre.  Sapphyre brutally beat her opponents, sometimes to the point of disqualification, which is the only time Priscilla ever lost a fight.  As respected as she was in the cage, more people feared her and her attitude, often finding her unapproachable too dangerous to fight.    

One night, Priscilla was challenged by a newcomer to the cage.  Priscilla accepted the challenge and fought as brutally as she alway has, but no matter what she did, her opponent wasn't phased.  For the first time ever, Priscilla was legitimately pinned the the middle of the cage.  Furious by her loss, Priscilla confronted her opponent, claiming that she had been on drugs in order to leave the match unarmed and victorious.  

Her challenger was Raven, who explained to Priscilla that she is a vampire and felt that she had the necessary qualifications to join the world's newest elite race.  Seeing this as an opportunity to achieve power that she can never have as a human, Priscilla accepted Raven's offer, and that night became a vampire.  

With Priscilla dead, she will forever go by the name Sapphyre and take her rightful place as one of the most dominate vampire warriors in the United States.  She has tremendous respect for the lifestyle and the uninhabited power it gives her.  But even with all this power, Sapphyre still strives for more, wanting to one day to be the most powerful living being in existence…