Raven is the wise, experienced but ruthless mother of The Coven.  The vampire who birthed Sapphyre, Vixen and Lyana and has taken a lifelong vow to provide a better life for vampires as the dominant race on Earth.  

Born in Moscow as Marfa Popova, Marfa lived with her parents and four younger siblings on a small farmland.  Her family was very poor, and struggled daily during the rash of famines and droughts to raise crops.  As the oldest of her siblings, Marfa took on plenty of household responsibilities, laboring with her parents on the farmland as well as educating her brothers and sisters as best as she could.  Marfa worked hard striving for a better life for her family, sacrificing much of her youth for their well being.  This made Marfa mature quickly, and desire to experience life and take advantage of the opportunities it offers.  Once obtained, she would take this knowledge and share it with her family so that they will benefit as well.  

One night, Marfa's farm was attacked by a coven of vampires.  She fought them bravely, but she couldn't save the lives of her family and their livestock.  Impressed by Marfa's tenacity, the vampires turned her, binding her soul to the coven who murdered her family.  

Although saddened by the murders of her family, Marfa grew curious of the vampiric lifestyle and it's potential towards living the fulfilled life she had always wanted.  She brought her questions to her Coven, who immediately laughed her off.  Marfa realized that the vampires of this coven are all complacent and lazy, striving for nothing more then terrorizing and feeding off humans.  Marfa's frustrations towards her Coven grew, finding it useless to have unlimited strength and potential and never using it to achieve something worthwhile.  She demanded action and answers, even going as far as to force her grievances onto The Ancient Rulers of the Vampire world, the infinitely intellectual Ignacious and the stunningly dominate and beautiful Asura.  Disinterested in listening to the frustrations of young vampire barely a year old, the century old vampires waved her away like an insect.    

More frustrated than before, Marfa took action immediately, making a deal with a pack of werewolves to murder her coven under the condition that she is allowed to go free.  Her plot succeeded, but her freedom from the coven was cut short when she hunted down by the vampire council and brought to The Ancients for judgement.  Her actions are considered high treason in vampire culture, normally punishable with death or eternal torture.  Because the Ancients saw great potential in her, they decided to spare her life, and instead decided to banish her from the vampire community for the next 60 years.  This banishment meant that Marfa is not allowed to be apart of, or receive any help from any coven or established member of the vampire community for the next 60 years.  She is entirely on her own, however, she is free to travel the world as she pleases, and seek the answers to life that she is looking for.  

Marfa took full advantage of this opportunity, spending 60 years exploring all walks of life all over the world, vampire, werewolf and human alike.  This journey matured her into a well travelled woman of great intelligence and experience.  As a brand new woman, she would eventually give up the name Marfa for the name Raven, after her favorite poem by Edgar Allen Poe.  One thing taht always bothered her was that the irrational human race is the dominant species, and the much more powerful and honorable vampire race is forced to hide in the dark of the night.  Even more insulting, is that even the reckless savages she knew werewolves to be were able to walk to Earth more freely than the vampires.  Raven believed that it is the vampires who deserved to be the dominate race, and vowed to create this future.  

She spent 60 years strategizing, and upon her return to the vampire community, she presented her plan to Ignacious and Asura.  Admiring the determination of the vampire before them, Ignacious and Asura gave her clearance to proceed, stationing her in New York, and tasking her to not only succeed with her plan, but to create her own Coven to enforce it.  Raven accepted this challenge with professionalism, maturity and ferocity, as any leader would.  With Sapphyre as her warrior, Vixen as her manipulator and Lyana as her right hand, Raven hopes to build the foundation for the future of Vampire culture.