Beings who are pure blood lycanthropes.  Also, those who are born only from pure blood Lycans can be a true lycan.    


Beings who are lycanthropes as a result of contracting the disease.  Also, those who are born from either two werewolves or a Lycan and a werewolf.    


             LYCA is a Lycan, born into a legendary bloodline of pure bloods living in Shanghi, China.  Her parents are both high ranking political figures in the Lycan / Werewolf community, with her father also being a very decorated and feared Lycan warrior. Coming from such a prestigious blood line, her parents raised their only offspring according to the honor, loyality and ferocity of the pack; The Code
of The Lycan. Lyca embraced her heritage and took pride in the purity and achievements it represents, building a repution of being an intelligent, distinguished and resourceful young Lycan, as well as a woman of bravery and ambition.   
               As proud as she is of her family heritage, Lyca did not desire to only exist in the shadow of her family's legacy, or even be known as the Pure Blood Princess of her pack.  With great strength, she urged her father to train her in the art of ancient and modern Asian fighting styles.  Training diligently in karate, kung fu, ninjatsu, meditation and yoga, Lyca would enter combat as a mentally and physically sound warrior.  After successfully hunting and slaining many vampires, Lyca became known as a skilled and cunning assassin, feared by her enemies and respected by her pack. With a resume as prestigous as her pure bloodline, Lyca would keep a treasure of her victories as her most prized possession; a necklace made up of the fangs of each
vampire she would slay.  

              With all she has accomplished, Lyca desired to extend her legacy to much greater lengths.  Discovering that her family's bloodline only exists in China, Lyca sought to create her own pack, and conquer a brand new world. Her parents and fellow members of her pack admired her gumption as Lyca left home and stationed herself in New York, an area well known as being conquered by Vampires, their leader being the lethal and twisted vampire known as Fang.

              Upon arrival, Lyca wasted no time establishing herself as the apex predator. She gathered a team of werewolves to her side; a fellow Lycan warrior by the name of Grey, an energetic wildcat named Jynx, a spunky firecracker named Phoebe and the unpredictable psychopath named Virgil. They fought a fierce battle, with Lyca leading her warriors to victory against Fang, adding his fangs to her necklace. With this conquest, Lyca established herself not only as a pack leader, but also claiming the grounds of New York for her pack and her bloodline.

            Lyca, Grey, Jynx, Phoebe and Virgil continued to rule New York unchallenged until Raven's arrival to the state.  In a bold sneak attack, Raven and Sapphyre were able to ambush and murder Grey and Phoebe. This infuriated Lyca, who then vowed to avenge the deaths of her brethen and claim Raven and Sapphyre's fangs for her necklace.

            With ownership of New York as well as and the honor of her pack hanging in the balance, Lyca, Jynx and Virgil will defeat Raven and Sapphyre, and the Lycan legacy will live on.