Lyana Shane was born into a broken home on September 5th 1988.  Her father Ross, owner of his own small plumbing and construction business, was a heavy drinker and was never there for his wife and children as a father and provider.  Lyana's mom Denise loved her husband very much, and did everything she could to help him come around.  Ross wanted to do what was right, Denise helped him start the road to recovery.  Unfortunately, tradegy occured when Denise was diagnosed with cancer and died when Lyana was only 10 years, leaving the young girl saddened and traumatized.  Ross fell into a depression, and once again started to drink and fall behind on the family business.  George soon followed in his footsteps, and both Ross and George would also begin to neglect young Lyana, since she too much resembled the beauty of her mother.  

But despite her rocky upbringing, Lyana grew up responsible, nurturing and with a strong will, selflessly taking care of Ross and George even though they rarely showed the same compassion towards her.  As she grew older, that compassion would grow to blanket all human and animal life alike, as she declared herself a vegan and started working as a nurse at a small volunteer healthcare clinic.  She even worked her way towards a college education, striving to achieve her dreams of owning an organic and vegan restaurant, as well as guiding her father and brother to turning their lives around for the better. The only thing stopping this young woman was her own insecurities and low self esteem, forged from years of neglect from her family and losing her mother.    

Her life will take a dramatic turn when the clinic was attacked by Raven, Sapphyre and Vixen.  They broke into the small clinic in order to steal medical supplies, and Lyana defended herself as best she could.  Raven easily subdued Lyana, fed off of her blood, and left her for dead.  However, what Raven saw in Lyana's final moments was a woman with so much untapped strength and potential, which should not be brought to waste.  Raven made the decision to turn Lyana into a vampire.  

Now the once compassionate vegan finds herself forced to feed off of human blood to survive, and as a result, killing murdering an innocent life.  Just the idea of murdering an innocent human being horrifies Lyana, and with every breath she takes, she fights her cravings, and starves herself in the process.  For several weeks, Raven has worked very patiently to help Lyana understand the true meaning behind life as a vampire.  Even her Coven sisters, Sapphyre and Vixen have played their own part in Lyana's transformation; with Sapphyre hating and outcasting Lyana for her resentment of the vampire lifestyle and Vixen posing as Lyana's best friend while purposely stabbing her in the back at every turn.  

Despite all that the Coven has done, Lyana is determined to maintain her position and never feed  As her cravings for blood grow stronger, and her body grows weaker, Lyana hopes her nightmare will one day end, and she will become human again.