The Story

The Story


CEO PRODUCTIONS presents it's new feature length film TURN. 

TURN is a horror / action / drama about a young, strong willed, vegan woman named Lyana who is unwillingly turned into a vampire and now has to deal with the horrific reality of feeding off of human blood to survive.

Her maker Raven is working patiently to help her cope with her new lifestyle, as any mother would for her child.  Her coven sisters each have their own way of handling Lyana's dilemma; with the domineering warrior Sapphyre abusively rejecting her and the clever seductress Vixen playing both sides of the coin.

TURN is a film that focuses on the challenge of dealing with the hand you are dealt, and how change and adaptation effects how a person becomes who they are meant to be. With her coven by her side, three vengeful and murderous werewolves named Lyca, Virgil and Jynx hunting her down, and a friendly but religiously repressed young man named Christian inadvertently thrown into the mix, Lyana will endure the change, adapt to the situation and realize her true potential.

Ultimately, she will become what she was always meant to be.